The Digital Leap Program

What is it?

Digital Leap Moreton Bay is a mentoring program to help Moreton bay businesses scale through technology adoption; increasing their sales, reaching a wider range of customers and boosting the local economy.

In this three-month long program, we will connect you with experts, resources and events to support your business into taking the digital leap.

By participating in this program, you will:

  • Receive 3 months of 1-on-1 mentoring with a business expert, carefully selected to help fulfil your specific business needs
  • Identify, develop and carry out an individualised plan for technology adoption alongside your mentor
  • Gain access to extensive technology adoption and mentoring content 
  • Network with other small businesses and experts in the Moreton Bay region
  • Be supported throughout the program and your mentoring relationship by the Humble team

What does the program look like?

This three-month long program will support you and your mentor to successful technology adoption through the following stages:

Start of the program (Week 1):

    • Mentor Pairings Announced
    • Welcome Event: All mentors and mentees are invited to meet in person and go over the program goals together. 

Mid-Program (Week 2-11):

    • Minimum of two monthly mentoring sessions between pairs
    • Monthly newsletter with tools, articles and tips to help deepen participants’ knowledge, interest and skills in technology adoption
    • Monthly check-ins on mentoring pairs to ensure good communication and progress
    • Regular invites to local networking and business development events

End of the Program (Week 12):

    • Celebration Event: All mentors and mentees are invited to meet again in person and share the progress they have made throughout the program. 
    • Program Wrap-Up
    • Connection to other programs, events and mentoring opportunities 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the dates of the program?

Digital Leap is a three-month mentoring program starting on Monday 8th July and finishing on Friday 27th September.

Applications for this program are due on Friday 14th June.

How much time do I have to commit to the program each week?

Participants must be able to commit at least two hours (two sessions) a month to meeting with their mentor, alongside the program’s welcome and celebration events. 

In-between these mentoring sessions, it is expected that participants actively work to implement their technology adoption goals. Mentors will monitor their participant’s progress throughout the program and provide support for any questions, uncertainties or drawbacks they experience.

How will mentors be paired with participants?

We will match each participant with a Digital Leap mentor who has experience in their ‘target area’, and can therefore best help them to achieve their technology adoption goals. 

The team at Humble will also support you and your partner throughout the course of the program to get the most out of your mentoring.

What does the program cost?

Thanks to the funding from the City of Moreton Bay and the volunteered time of our expert mentors, there is no cost for participating in the Digital Leap program.

Will the mentoring sessions be in person or online?

As not all of our Digital Leap mentors are based in Moreton Bay, mentoring sessions will happen either in person or online according to each party’s availability. 

Mentoring pairs will, however, get to meet in person at our opening event and will meet up again at our celebration event, to share the progress they have made throughout the program.

Sounds great! Tell me more about . . .

Program Mentors

Connect with mentors who can guide your digital transformation and help you succeed in a tech-driven marketplace.

Why tech adoption?

Unlock the boundless opportunities for growth and success by embracing technology  in your business today.

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