Lawrence Kahn

Google Chrome Lead (Australia and New Zealand),


Lawrence is an accomplished technology expert with deep proficiency in cloud adoption, empowering organizations to harness cutting-edge technologies for long-term business success.


As the Google Chrome Lead for Australia and New Zealand, I help organisations use technology to achieve great things. I have a Bachelor of Commerce in Information Systems from The University of Auckland, where I developed my passion for innovation and problem solving.

I have over eight years of experience in the Cloud industry, working with Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services. I have enabled customers across various sectors to build and scale their products and businesses on the Cloud, delivering value and impact for their stakeholders.


My experience with technology adoption ranges from helping startups to multinationals and covers adoption of Cloud infrastructure, databases, SaaS, end user compute, networking and AI. The projects have included straightforward business continuity plans, all-in cloud migrations, application modernisation and development, AI SaaS and building bespoke AI powered solutions. My role in these projects also ranged from discovery of requirements, solution design, implementation and change management.


When I was a teenager I was cast in a couple of Disney films. The first one I was a background extra, but the second film I was cast as a featured bully. The morning of the shoot I fell terribly ill and couldn’t do it. I had to pull out of the movie and put my Hollywood aspirations on hold!