Daniel Nixon

Director and CEO,

Stratic Business Solutions

Daniel is a dynamic leader with a multifaceted background in governance, operations, finance and entrepreneurship, leveraging technology to drive exceptional results in high-pressure environments.


With a multifaceted background encompassing technical and leadership roles, I bring a wealth of experience that I am eager to share with others. My journey includes serving as an alternate director on the board of a startup, where I actively participated in understanding diverse aspects of company governance and shaping its strategic direction. This involved attending board meetings, contributing to fundraising through venture capital, and reviewing and approving vital documents such as constitutions, share subscription agreements, and employee incentive equity plans.

In my role as a secretary to the board, I managed various governance requirements, including attending board meetings, crafting, and submitting meeting minutes, and organising essentials like insurance and delegate authority policies. As a COO, I reported to the CEO, overseeing operations across Australia and New Zealand. These encompassed tasks ranging from; supplier management and logistics organisation, to team management, ensuring top-notch performance in critical service delivery. My responsibilities extended to stock tracking, soliciting client feedback, and addressing product failures.

Assuming the position of CFO, I reported to the board, providing yearly and monthly budgets, meticulously tracking cashflow predictions and burn rates, and managing financial statements and daily expenses. This role also involved securing tranche payments from investors, applying for grants, and furnishing acquittal documentation, as well as obtaining supplier quotes and meeting deadlines.

In the capacity of a Technical and Implementation Strategist, I led a team of developers, orchestrating the implementation of planned technologies, managing updates based on client feedback, and overseeing failure tests and feature rollouts.

In addition, as co-founder and entrepreneur, my involvement spanned writing business plans, conducting market analyses, devising strategic plans for target markets, pitching in front of potential investors, contributing to product development, market-testing, brand building, and nurturing a long-term vision.

Drawing from my experience as an investor, I possess the skills to conduct due diligence and investment analyses, evaluating investment viability, and identifying risk factors that may contribute to a business’s success or failure. Finally, in my role as a contract administrator, I reviewed business contracts—some up to $15 million per contract—highlighting problematic clauses for board attention, and expertly managed contract requirements during implementation, submitting progress claims while handling variations as needed.


As an integral part of our strategic initiatives at ONETIME, I played a pivotal role in the development and execution of a cutting-edge cloud-based sports timing engine. This innovative solution, deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS), served as the backbone for orchestrating live events, delivering immediate and accurate finish results. My involvement extended beyond the initial build, as I assumed a central role in overseeing the core systems timeline.

A key aspect of this role was actively engaging with clients during live events, gauging their real-time needs, and promptly addressing their requirements. This client-centric approach not only ensured seamless event operations but also positioned me as a bridge between technological advancements and end-user experiences.

An inherent component of this technology adoption journey was the continuous cycle of improvement. I took charge of receiving client feedback and translating it into actionable enhancements. This iterative process not only solidified the robustness of the sports timing engine but also showcased our commitment to staying responsive to evolving client needs.

This experience has equipped me with a keen understanding of technology adoption dynamics, particularly in high-pressure, live-event scenarios. As a business mentor, I bring to the table not only technological proficiency but also the strategic insight to guide individuals through the nuanced process of integrating and optimising technology for maximum impact.


In my recent business engagement, I take pride in two notable professional achievements. Firstly, I am thrilled to have been selected as a finalist for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the Moreton Bay Business and Innovation Awards for the past two consecutive years. This recognition is a testament to my dedication in building a business, and I appreciate the external acknowledgment of these efforts. Additionally, our business secured the Exporting Excellence Award for 2023, a victory that brought immense joy and excitement. Secondly, in late 2022, I eagerly seized the opportunity to present our innovative business at the RiverRival competition hosted at SomethingTech by River City Labs. This platform allowed me to engage in public speaking, sharing insights into our business and its impactful contributions to the industry.