Ben Butler


Cybersmith Solutions

 Recognized for his innovative use of emerging technologies across various industries in Australia, Ben Butler excels in aligning technology with business strategies and risk management, assisting businesses in leveraging technology for growth.


With a unique background in ICT, cybersecurity, and business management, Ben offers significant expertise in uplifting cyber security practices and delivering technology projects aligned with business strategy. Over the past two decades, he has handled technology projects in various capacities, including ICT Project Management, Operations Management, and as a Technology Consultant. Ben’s history of using emerging technologies to develop innovative solutions in property analytics, inventory management, facilities management, and auditing, have earned him recognition across Australia for these achievements.

Ben consistently focuses on business improvement, risk management, and driving transformational technology. His unique blend of skills and experience positions him perfectly to assist businesses in navigating the digital landscape, leveraging technology to foster growth and success.

Ben’s passion lies firmly in creating solutions with a constant focus on requirements. He enjoys working across diverse industries, constantly enhancing his knowledge, and thrives on complex problem-solving. His greatest joy comes from helping others and celebrating their success.


  • Implementing new technologies to deliver security frameworks (NIST CSF, ISO, and Essential-8), enabling clients to engage with new markets
  • Leveraging technology to significantly improve business processes across multiple industries
  • Independently developing award-winning technology solutions for major national brands
  • Harnessing emerging technologies to design innovative solutions for the real estate, telecommunications, construction and health industries
  • Developing technology road maps, including milestones, deployment patterns, cost-benefit, needs analysis and strategic alignment


Since childhood, I have loved technology but was defiantly resistant to a desk-bound career, consciously choosing roles that kept me active. Over time, I discovered the key to fulfillment by combining my passion, skills, career, and needs; or my Ikigai.